Bragging rights

I’m so excited! Judged by the wonderful Annette Lyon and hosted by the illustrious Michelle Mitchell of Scribbit fame, the March 2009 Write-Away Contest centered around the theme of “sweet.” And this morning, they announced the winner:


I know you’re dying to see the winning entry, so here you go:

The stereotypical image of the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden is an apple. I must respectfully dissent from popular opinion here—if I had to choose a modern fruit to grow on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, I’d have to go with the plum. . . .

Read the rest of “The Bitter and the Sweet.”

Aside from some very decadent-sounding truffles, I’m getting some serious bragging rights. I should also thank Sarah and my mother for their help editing the essay. Yes, I’m revealing a deep dark secret—I’m not a prize-winning author on my first draft. And of course, thanks to Annette for judging and Michelle for hosting!