My Summer Reading Thing

LDS Fiction is running the annual Summer Reading Thing again this year! From June 1 to August 31, participants read fiction by LDS authors and post reviews. Since I was already doing the reviews, I thought it’d be good to jump in, since there’s a chance to win a fabulous prize. Id est, more books 😀 .

So I glanced over at my To Be Read pile and listed out the books sitting there waiting for me (yeah, there are other books in the pile, but they’re not by LDS authors).

Lockdown by Traci Hunter Abramson: Lockdown review

All’s Fair
by Julie Coulter Bellon: All’s Fair review

Contentment – Inspiring Insights for LDS Mothers by Maria Covey Cole (not fiction, but still on my list).

Having Hope by Terri Ferran: Having Hope review

Spires of Stone by Annette Lyon: Spires of Stone review

Tower of Strength by Annette Lyon: Tower of Strength review

Agent in Old Lace by Tristi Pinkston: Agent in Old Lace review

Recovering Charles by Jason F. Wright Recovering Charles review

Fool Me Twice
by Stephanie Black: Fool Me Twice review

Catholic roots, Mormon Harvest
by Eric Shuster (again, I know it’s nonfiction.
Methods coversmall
Methods of Madness
by Stephanie Black Methods of Madness review
My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life
by Julie Wright My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life review