Tooting my own horn

In the unlikely event that you’re not already reading the masterful blog of literary agent Nathan Bransford, I seriously recommend it. He’s a great resource for learning all about literary agents—what they do, how to get them, how not to annoy them and inadvertently sabotage your writing career with an ill-fated rhetorical question.

And apparently he’s also a wonderful human being, because instead of just being super kind to writers, he’s spending next week volunteering in a South American orphanage. No joke. Since he didn’t want his blog to lie fallow, he called for guest bloggers for next week. Out of over two hundred and fifty entries, guess who was one of the chosen five?

I know, can you believe it? (Um, me, guys. It was me.) So be sure to subscribe to Nathan’s blog and keep an eye out for five award-winning posts next week.

free creating character sympathy guideIn the meantime, we’ll continue with our series on deep POV (though if my post runs on a Tuesday or Thursday, we’ll rearrange the schedule to accommodate that). And in other news, I’ve assembled our series on creating character sympathy into a free PDF guide.

Many thanks to Nathan, and I’m looking forward to the guest posts there as well as our continuing series here.

7 thoughts on “Tooting my own horn”

  1. Wait–we also win an award? Man, first I get a guest spot, then I discover my long-lost twin sister, and now there are rewards involved! Best day ever.

  2. @Kiersten—well, I consider winning the contest an “award” 😉 .

    @everyone else—thanks!

  3. Jordan–Thanks for dropping me the note. Congratulations to you, too! And I see Kiersten White has already been here before me, so I’ll extend my congrats to her, as well, and use her comment to link through to her site. What a fun week!


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