Write that Novel!

I have the hardest time coming up with titles for my works. I usually don’t settle on a title I like before the fourth draft. But I know some writers actually start there. Are you looking for a story idea? Here are a few titles that just might get you started.

  • Ninja in Airwalks (or more generically, Sneakers)
  • Pickled Justice
  • A Faithful Lie

So write that novel—but what’s the plot? Share your craziest idea for a book with any of the above titles in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Write that Novel!”

  1. I wrote this as soon as I read it. It took me five minutes. I can’t believe I actually wrote it. Where the hell did that come from? Thanks, Jordan for stirring my brain. I’ve just woken up.
    Here is one; I’ll work on the next one now.

    A Faithful Lie

    This could be a story about a couple not telling their child, Roseanna, that she’s adopted. They don’t want her to know that her mother is a cereal killer and her real father doesn’t want her, and even if he did, she’d find out about the mother who is about to come out of prison for killing off all her relatives with red hair.

    Rosanna’s adoptive parents are afraid for the sixteen-year-old girl’s life because of her beautiful red hair.

    Rosanna finds out she’s adopted after receiving a blood transfusion after an operation for appendicitis and begins her search for her real parents through an advertised agency run by a charity. Her real father finds out and kidnaps her in the hope of saving her life. He hides her in a cottage deep in the dark woods, high up a mountain, leaving her to fend for herself while he goes for supplies.

    Her father breaks his leg on the way down the mountain and awaits some one to rescue him. The girl befriends the wild animals and lives on berries and roots.

    Trisha Puddle.

  2. Here’s the next one. This is fun.

    Pickled Justice

    When a sweet-looking old lady steps into a lift, she asks a weather-beaten middle-aged man to put out his cigarette. She tells him how she suffers from asthma and that the smoke can trigger an attack. But the grouchy man blows smoke in her face and shouts at the top of his polluted lungs. He tells her he hopes she gets cancer as well.

    Then the tall skinny man, angrily spits on the floor and lifts his hand to her face, holding the burning dog-end as if to burn her. Without another thought, the well dressed old woman clobbers him on the head with her pink flowered walking stick, knocking him out. The lift doors suddenly open and tiny lady is standing with her cane in the air as she looks out at the black uniform of a police officer. The unconscious man has slumped to the floor of the lift with blood pouring out of the top of his head. The protesting eighty year-old gets arrested.

    Patricia Puddle.

  3. Thanks, Jordan, I really enjoyed that, but I’m stuck on the last one. I don’t know anything about Ninja’s. Haha.

    I hope someone else has a go.


  4. Pickled Justice? Good heavens… that sounds like a canning experiment gone horribly wrong.


    Hi Jordan!

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