Upcoming series: Backstory

I’m planning my next series (starting next Monday!), and once again, I need your help. I need your questions, musings and and topics.

What do you want to know about backstory? What it is? How to tell it from the “real” story? How to work it in? Whether you need it?

As always, guest bloggers are welcome (check out my guest blogging guidelines here, but of course, the topic will be different this time around—you know, backstory?).

What do you want to know (or write!) about backstory?

Photo credits: question—Svilen Mushkatov

2 thoughts on “Upcoming series: Backstory”

  1. I’d love your thoughts on the balance between too much backstory, and too little. My readers often want more, when my muse insists: “But that stuff isn’t part of *this* story!”

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