4 thoughts on “Why I don’t write during the day”

  1. LOL! That reminds me of my daughter’s life whenever she gets on the telephone. Suddenly that’s when her youngsters always need her attention.

    Not too much keeps me from writing except maybe when I’m not feeling well. I have arthritis and the medication I have to take when it’s particularly troublesome tends to upset my stomach. I usually curl up with a book and wait it out.

  2. Yes! I remember a specific time when my daughter reacted EXACTLY like the little girl in the cartoon. Now my daughter is 20 and she still loves to chat. What keeps me from writing? Sometimes I don’t write because I am studying other authors, bloggers, sites, etc.; trying to plot, plan, improve. Moods keep me from writing at times, too. I’m working on sticking to a plan, and logging my moods and productivity.

  3. Today, most of my writing time was sacrificed to the gods of lawnmowing. Last week it was to the state safety inspection people.

    It seems like for every hour of writing time I manage to schedule, two hours of chores pop up.

    At least the constant nagging for a trip to the park is gone now that school’s back in.

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