Okay, for real this time.

Remember the romance blogfest Monday!

All right, so remember how I promised I’d tell you how I’m doing at my goal of getting up early to write? Yeah, lousy on that, and lousy on the getting up early. I forgot about one very important thing when I set that goal: my now-8-month-old likes to get up before 7 anyway. So she’s really helped me get up early every morning. And I’m basically a vegetable after that.

Still, I apparently need some sort of impetus to get going on the WIP I really wanted to finish six weeks ago, but have only tinkered with since November. So (as soon as I finish what I really really really really really mean is my last, final, conclusive set of revisions and finally submit), I’m jumping on February’s Ninja Novel Writing Month!

Which makes me think of this:

I’m also enlisting in the crusades. The Writer Platform Building Crusades. Because, hey, I need more friends. Don’t you?

What’s coming up for you this month? Aside from a certain blogfest, of course.

3 thoughts on “Okay, for real this time.”

  1. Hi Jordan, welcome on board the Crusade! It’s great to have you along 🙂 I know how you feel – I’ve hit a slow patch with my revisions as well! Good luck getting yours done.



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