Y is for Yea!

Yea! This A to Z thing is almost over!

Yea! I have a conference coming up, and I’ll get to see my friends and just spend time with other writers!

Yea! I have 8,000 things to get done (and that’s one of my favorite numbers of things to say I have to do . . . . that was convoluted)!

Yea! My husband took the kids for 2+ hours today so I could work on those 8,000 things! I got one done. But hey, one more than yesterday!

Yea! The Ugh story is doing better!

Yea! For encouraging blog posts!

Yea! For trying to find joy in the little things!

What do you have to say yea to?

2 thoughts on “Y is for Yea!”

  1. Double the Yeaaaaaaaaaa! I’m ready to rocknroll for the weekend. And just like you Jordan I also have 9999 things to do. well it was originally 10000, but I got right to the first task yesterday and now I’m aiming for 9998, ain’t that cute?

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