Good news for me—and for you!

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending the LDStorymakers writers’ conference for the third time. And for the second time, I pretty much panicked whenever I thought about the results of the first chapter contest.

In fact, I even told people (like, I don’t know, my own husband) that I hadn’t entered at all. (I told him to view this as evidence of only my own insecurities and the fragile state of my ego, not any reflection on him. Plus, I’d told him I entered months ago and he just forgot.)

But, as you may have guessed from the title of the post, I had the honor of receiving an award in their first chapter contest:

Mystery/Suspense Category: First Place for Façade!

And you can read that chapter here!

Thank you to everyone who helped me get my first chapter in shape—and thank you for all the feedback I’ve received on the chapter since then.

(And yes, if you’ve been here a while, I actually won the same award last year.)

Okay, so, obviously, that news isn’t “good” for you so much—but this next one is. Today I’m guest blogging at Romance University. It’s the fourth installment on a series on author websites:

And if that’s not good news for you, maybe this will be—three lucky commenters on Romance University will have their websites critiqued (critiques to be posted on Thursday)!! So head on over!

10 thoughts on “Good news for me—and for you!”

  1. WOOHOO, Jordan!!! That’s so exciting – well done! Can’t wait to read the chapter! Meanwhile, I need to pick your brain at some point – have you ever done anything with creative nonfiction? I’ve never been a fiction writer, but this weekend a friend enlightened me regarding this entire genre I didn’t even know existed (but is soooooo what comes naturally!). I’d love to hear your insights…

  2. Thanks, Christa and Michelle! Christa, we’ll definitely talk. Michelle, I wish you could have come this year!

  3. Congrats again! I was so excited to see your name as a big winner. I need to re-read your tips. I know my website needs work, but there’s always something else screaming for my attention. 🙂

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