Commentator Spotlight!

So I’ve added a Top Commentator widget on the sidebar, and I’d like to spotlight a couple of the top commentators today!

Our first spotlight is:


Trisha hails from Western Australia! She’s a writer, a singer-songwriter, an artist and a travel(l)er (to get our American/Commonwealth spellings covered)! This week, she knocked off the first of her goals for the year: completing one of (one of?!) her Nano 2011 novels! DANNA (title tentative, of course) is a YA paranormal novel.

(That’s right: for Nano 2011, she wrote 50,000 words each on two different novels!)

Hooray for finishing! And hooray for 100,018 words—now that’s 30 days and nights of literary abandon.

You can catch up with Trisha on her blog, Word + Stuff! Thanks for commenting here, Trisha.

And our second spotlight is:


Deniz is from Canada! She is a writer and a knitter (I knit too!).

She writes historical fiction of many kinds. And, like, really historical. When I say “the 40s,” I don’t mean the 1940s. Just straight up 43. And the 1490s! (I guess I’m the only one who sees 1492 and thinks about what a seminal year that was for Spain, huh? Well, me and Deniz, amiright?)

She’s in QueryLand, so send her good vibes!

You can keep up with Deniz on her blog, The Girdle of Melian. Thanks for commenting here, Deniz!

And thanks to everyone who leaves comments here. Every one of them (and you!) makes me smile.

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  1. Ohhh, thanks so much for the spotlight! this was a pleasant surprise. Plus it’s a cool idea…I may have to do something similar! I like that commentator widget.

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