TBR Tuesday: 2013 Reading Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are all about stretching yourself, right? Two years ago, I set a goal to read 50 books that year. I made it formal with Goodreads, and after a bit of catch-up in December I finally reached that goal.

As I’ve mentioned, last year was more of a challenge, and this year my schedule is probably going to be just as demanding. (In fact, one week into the year, I’m already three weeks behind in my schedule thanks to repeated illnesses, the Christmas rush, travel and my youngest sister’s wedding. So, you know, nothing big.) But I need to make sure I take the time to refill my creative wells, especially with a busy schedule.

I’ve blogged before about how hard it is for me to read while writing. With my yearly schedule, I know when I’ll be drafting and when I’ll be editing, so I can anticipate when I’ll be able to read more.

Not just about the numbers

If you have a goal to read a set number of books in a year, that’s great. I know that setting a specific number in 2011 definitely pushed me to read more. But I also like the freedom to read—or give up on—as much as I choose.

On Twitter this weekend, I heard about a “Book Gap Challenge” to read the books that we haven’t gotten around to yet, or the genres we tend to neglect.

As I was looking over what I read in 2012, I was surprised to discover where my (recorded) tastes fell, almost exclusively. Bottom line: I need to read more adult books. This is a challenge for me partially because I avoid books with excessive language, sex and violence, and partially because even very good adult books often don’t reel me in the way a lot of the YA I read does. I

For 2013, I think that’s how I want to try to stretch myself: focusing on my adult-book gap. So . . . any recommendations?

What do you think? What are your 2013 reading goals? Will you focus on genre, total, or another factor?

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2 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday: 2013 Reading Resolutions”

  1. Yup, last year I focused on the numbers too much. I enjoy reading and it was a good push, but it doesn’t matter that I only read 46 rather than 52 books!

  2. I try to read 50 books a year and I think I was one short last year, but I don’t worry too much as some of the books are much, much longer than others. I am trying to read in some different genres/authors also and I too have a huge TBR pile that I need to attack!

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