New PDF: Social Media Marketing for Authors!

Last year, we devoted Mondays to marketing. In a past life, I worked in Internet marketing. In fact, sharing that marketing info grew into the biggest series I’ve ever done. This left me with a ton of material on marketing to convert (ever so slowly) into PDF format.

So let’s get started, right? Our first free marketing PDF is Social Media Marketing for Authors!

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Social media marketing is all the rage these days. Honestly, nobody really has it all figured out, but by starting with strategies and graduating to tactics, you can use social media to find new readers, connect with current readers and network with other authors.

This 30-page guide also covers:

  • Building a tribe of real friends and fans to help promote your books (without being too pushy!)
  • Fostering genuine relationships in social media
  • And of course, the major social networks:
    • Facebook!
    • Twitter!
    • Goodreads!
    • Pinterest!

Naturally, if we’re talking about a PDF on social media, we want to spread the word with . . . social media! So again, I’m using Pay With a Social Post. Note that this is not the same program I started with last time—I’ve had many fewer complaints and problems with this service.

DUE TO COMPLAINTS about the ads from the Pay With a Tweet service, I’m testing a different service, Pay with a Social Post. Let me know if you have any problems.

To get your Free PDF of Social Media Marketing for Authors, click on the logo of your favorite social media site right here:

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Really? That’s all?

Do I have to use the button, or can I just post about it?
Using the button makes the whole thing automatic. I won’t be monitoring social networks for these mentions and then trying to hunt you down to send you the PDF. Plus, the automatic post generated with the button makes sure that other people can find this great, free information, too. It’s a gift we can all share!

Can I “pay” with a Facebook post?
Yes! You might want to edit the automatic message, which includes my Twitter handle. If you’ve already Liked my Facebook page, you might also be able to tag me!

To “pay” with a Facebook post, you MUST MUST MUST use the button for the automatic delivery to work!

I don’t do Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Can I get the PDF?
You know what? Sure. Just email a friend about the offer (with a link to this page), and CC or BCC me: contest at jordanmccollum dot com. I’ll email the PDF directly to you as soon as I can.

Why are you doing this to meeeee?
Well, I hope it’s not too much to ask. I’ve given away free writing advice in blog series and PDFs for years now, and I’d love your help in letting more people know about this free info. If you find it valuable or even slightly interesting, why not share it with your friends?

Please share this useful, free advice and get your own copy today!

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  1. Hi Jordan. Thanks for the guide. Social media has become an integral part to make any kind of business popular. These tips will not just increase the awareness about authors and their books but will also increase their sales.

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