TBR Tuesday: Summer Reading

I remember the summer reading programs at the library as a child very vividly. I remember the cardstock 11×17 folders with all the blank lines to fill with the titles of books we read. I remember the lofty goals. I do remember writing down lots of books . . . but I don’t remember actually filling the whole folder, or parties or prizes or much of anything else.

Summer Reading table.I shared my summer reading list with LDS Women’s Book Review, most of which I’ve shared with you already (two down so far!). But today I’m thinking more about my kids’ list.

We’ve done a few library reading programs, but we never seem to be around for the parties at the end of summer. One year the kids got shirts just for signing up, which was cool. But my favorite summer reading program so far is Barnes & Noble’s: kids read eight books and get a ninth one free! My seven-year-old has probably already burned through 8, but we need to keep track of the titles. There are a couple books on the list of free book choices that I know each of my kids would love.

Summer reading assignments? Not so much. (Fortunately, my kids are all too young for those.)

How does your family read during the summer?

Photo by San José Library