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When you publish your own works, everything comes down to you. You have to find and hire the editors, proofreaders, cover designer, interior designer, e-book formatter . . . it can be daunting to line up all those other professionals to make your book come to life at last.

I read many great blogs on self-publishing, and I’m not looking to change the overall focus of my blog. However, I do really want to acknowledge the amazing support staff I’ve worked with in producing my books. So I’m putting together the . . . Indie Author Resources Blog Fest!

indie resources blog fest

On Monday, January 20, if you’re an indie author—or if you just happen to know of an editor, cover designer or other publishing professional who does quality work—post about them on your blog, and come back here to link up!

Spread the word

Tell your friends! Copy this and paste it in the HTML of a blog post or your sidebar:

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Want it bigger or smaller? Change the number at width="300" to adjust the size.

How to participate

Indie author resources blog fest1. The theme is Indie author resources. It’s all about showing some love for all those people who helped make your book great. So who do you put in your post?

  • Editors—content, copy, line, and proof
  • Designers—cover, interior, e-book, and other promotional graphics
  • Formatters—e-book, print
  • Printers—print-on-demand, short run, long run, promotional materials
  • Any other professionals who helped make your book the best it could be!

Be sure to include links to their websites!

2. If you’re not (yet?) an indie author, but you know exactly who you’d hire, please join in!

3. If you wouldn’t recommend their work, don’t include the person in your post.

4. Post your resources on your blog January 20, 2014, and add it to the Mr. Linky here. Link your post back to the blogfest on here so your readers can read other entries, too. (The link will be )

5. Read, enjoy, and comment on other entries!

6. The index! After the blog fest, I’ll be compiling a list of the recommended professionals for ease of use. I’ll link back to all posts, of course!

So, in short: on January 20, write a blog post about an e-book professional, link back here in your post, and sign up on the linkie.

Sign up in advance!

Original Yellow Pages photo by Phossil via Flickr/CC

8 thoughts on “Indie resources blog fest & other news!”

  1. What a great idea! I can’t wait to show my cover artist some love. She’s amazing! Thanks so much for the idea.

  2. Thanks, Karen, Christy & Taryn! I can’t wait to show some love to your great service providers, too!

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