Join the street team!

Have you enjoyed my books? Have you already entered my review contest but want even more free goodies? I'm recruiting a street team to help get the word out!

This is me. Let's be friends. Come hang out with me. I'll give you stuff.
This is me. Let’s be friends. Come hang out with me on the street team. I’ll give you stuff.
What’s a street team?

Basically, a street team is a group of reader who’ve enjoyed an author’s books (you might call them “fans”). The team is a fun place to socialize with the author and other fans, and it’s also a way to help street team members spread the word about these books.

In plain English, this particular street team will be run through a Facebook group. Each week, I’ll hand out “ops” that will consist of short missions such as pinning a book cover on Pinterest, tweeting about a giveaway, voting in a contest, leaving a review, etc. We’ll also have fun discussions to get to know one another. That’s it!

What you'll have to do

You won't have to do anything. You'll have the opportunity to tell people about my books in fun and creative ways on your "ops." You’re not required to do anything to hang out, make friends and get cool stuff.

We get cool stuff?

Yep! As part of my street team, you’ll get exclusive content, sneak previews, bonus features and the first look at covers and more. Contests for the team may also win cameos in my books, exclusive swag and other goodies. (There may be imported chocolate.)

Requirements to join

  • Have read at least one of my books. It'd probably be good if you liked it, too.
  • Have a Facebook account (because that's where we'll "meet").
  • Have 5-10 minutes a week for fun and games.

It would be helpful to be active on at least one other social media site, such as Goodreads, Twitter, or Pinterest—but it's NOT required!

Ready to join? Email me (jordan at with a link to your Facebook profile so I can add you to the group!

5 thoughts on “Join the street team!”

  1. Great idea! I hope you have a fun time with it 🙂

    I haven’t read any of your books yet, but I think I have at least one on my kindle. It’s been ages since I looked at my kindle as I’ve been reading some print books, but I will get back to it not too far away. 🙂

  2. Hey- I love this idea! I can be real face-to-face friends and stalk you on your blog! My kindle DIED…. but I am in the process of getting my hands on one of your books. They look soooooo gooooood- read so many reviews on Amazon. Can’t wait to join the fun!

    1. Yay! I need more blog-stalkers 😉 .

      Sorry about your Kindle! That’s terrible. Mine died suddenly a couple years ago. Thanks, though! Hope you enjoy!

  3. I am SO excited about your street team….almost as excited as I get when you have a new book available. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS — they are all 5 stars!

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