Cover reveal & special surprise: get Tomorrow We Spy today!

Today I’m revealing the cover for the final book in the Spy Another Day series—with an awesome bonus!

More about the book

CIA operative Talia Reynolds (Fluker) is off the clock, off the continent and off on her Paris honeymoon. But the happy couple’s trip to the City of Love is cut short when the CIA tracks them down for a top secret mission. Only this time, the Agency’s assignment isn’t for Talia — it’s for her husband Danny.

As an aerospace engineer, Danny’s the one with the connections they need to get to their target, an aerospace executive and a dangerous Russian FSB officer. After all she’s done to protect Danny from her spy life, Talia won’t okay the op until she’s allowed to accompany her husband. And the only safe way for her to do that? Deep undercover.

Balancing her personal and professional personas requires more precision than a Russian ballet. But all the covers in the world can’t protect Danny and Talia when the FSB officer turns the tables on them. Now Talia must use her every skill to save her marriage, her husband and herself — or their first mission together will be their last.

Read an excerpt from Tomorrow We Spy now!

And the cover!



That’s right—you can get a special pre-release copy of Tomorrow We Spy . . . today—for only 99¢!

This is a limited time offer, for my most faithful blog readers. The sale will only last through MONDAY, AUGUST 4, 2014! Then TWS will be off the market for a couple months while I edit the final prequel novella. The 99¢ price is only good for this week; when it goes into general release, it will be full price!

This offer has expired!

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