Saints & Suspects is here!

That’s right! The sequel to Saints & Spies is finally here! And this week only, Saints & Suspects is only 99¢—plus you get over a hundred pages of bonus content from Irish slang to recipes to story background to deleted scenes, only for the launch! The price goes up April 19! Buy now!

About the book

Saving her country from terrorists could cost Special Agent Molly Malone her heart.

If misfortune should ever follow you, may it never catch up.  — Old Irish Proverb

Molly Malone didn’t think things could get worse. Her first undercover assignment as a new FBI agent isn’t going well, and the Irish terrorists she’s trying to get close to won’t take the bait. To cement her cover, she’s forced to team up with her ex, Special Agent Zach Saint — and play an engaged couple in love. Swallowing her hurt and anger to salvage the mission is almost more than she can bear, but if she doesn’t, she’ll lose her chance to get close to the terrorists and confirm their plans. Her Irish luck alone won’t get her through this one, but can she put her life and heart in Zach’s keeping again?

Zach Saint doesn’t want Molly in the middle of danger, yet that’s exactly where he finds her. Determined to help, he agrees to a fake engagement where he can stay close and keep her safe. Events quickly spiral out of his control, however, when he realizes two things: his feelings for Molly never went away, and a lethal terrorist attack is imminent. Working together is difficult and learning to trust each other again nearly impossible. But, if they want to bring down the terrorists and have a chance at a future together, they’ll have to do both — and the clock is ticking.

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Price: $4.99
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