Reviews of Tomorrow We Spy

This is the first book I have read in the “Spy Another Day” series. I imagine reading the previous books would provide more insight into Talia and Danny’s relationship, but the characters were skillfully enough drawn in Tomorrow We Spy that I was quickly caught up in the adventure.

And adventure it is! The settings for the action are wonderfully drawn with care and detail, capturing the reader enough to practically smell the brie or the borscht. The pace is lickety-split from the first chapter, carrying the reader eagerly along from plot twist to plot twist for the wild ride. Despite the dangerous encounters and intrigues, the reader is comfortably confident in Talia (and in the author) that the ride, though suspenseful, is a pleasure. The witty dialogue – internal and external – works to great effect in capturing the energy and humor of the escapades and the personalities of the characters.

The heart of the story, I feel, is not as much in the flash and sparkle of the plot, but in Talia’s interior work. What does it mean to be part of a team? What does it mean to be a spouse? How do partners learn to share and balance leadership? How does each person come to appreciate completely different skill sets? And, just for the thrill of it, how does one do this in the ultimate stressful situation where everything, including life, is at risk?


The bliss of the honeymoon soon morphs into a contentious test of teamwork. Danny wants to protect Talia, but Talia believes she needs to protect Danny more.

The plot centers largely on this tug of war. She refuses to let Danny help, but her resolve is slowly whittled down to the point she realizes she needs him as much as he needs her.

If her books represent a new niche, McCollum has found it and begun to capitalize. This book and her others reinforce the fact that a great story can still be clean and family friendly. . . .

Talia and Danny live to spy another day, but not without experiencing the fear of losing each other, massive misunderstandings and a hint of betrayal. But most of all, Talia learns yet another valuable lesson. She and Danny won’t thrive until she lets him protect her as much as she protects him.

Cait Earnest, Deseret News

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