Comment Policy

This is my personal website and blog. It is truly not a forum for debate, mudslinging or name calling—and most especially not if I am the subject of said attacks. I am actually very sensitive.

Do I demand that all love me? Yes, yes! That’s silly. I do ask that any criticism be written kindly and constructively. If you must criticize, before hitting ‘Submit Comment,’ ask yourself if you’re trying to help me (and not save me from what you perceive as my misconceptions). If you can’t find a way to do that which you wouldn’t mind signing your name to in public, don’t.

This site is rated PG. If your comments don’t reflect that rating, they will be edited or removed.

For future reference, I reserve the right to:

  • Edit comments for content, including removing comment signatures (though I’ll try really hard not to edit your grammar, spelling or punctuation).
  • Delete offensive comments and attacks (and as I said before, I am very sensitive and thus may delete with extreme prejudice)
  • Block offensive commenters
  • Delete spam and suspected spam with extreme prejudice (hurray Akismet).

Although I may edit or remove comments, ultimately, I am not responsible for the content of comments left on this site.

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