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We’ve done some pretty fun and constructive blog series on writing, if I do say so myself. To make them as accessible as possible, I’ve converted my blog series into PDFs for free downloads.

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Tension, Suspense and Surprise

Draw your readers in and keep them reading: proven tools & techniques—no gimmicks!

Tension, Suspense and Surprise!

Character Arcs

Figure out how to found, form or finish your character’s emotional journey with the PDF version of Character Arcs!

Now expanded as a book! Character Arcs: Founding, forming and finishing your character’s internal journey!

The Plot Thickens (mwahahaha!)

Learn the best way to plan out your next successful novel with the free PDF of The Plot Thickens (mwahahaha)—with bonus resources not found in the blog series!
(from the blog series)

Emotion: it’s tough

Connect with your readers through powerful emotions with the free PDF guide, Emotion: it’s tough. (from the blog series)

Creating Character Sympathy

free creating character sympathy guide

Got unlikeable characters? Get your readers to root for them anyway with the free PDF guide to creating character sympathy
(original blog series on creating character sympathy)
Now expanded into a book! Character Sympathy: creating characters your readers HAVE to root for!

Deep POV

Free Deep POV guide
Really get into your characters’ heads for voice that pops with the free PDF Guide to Deep POV—with bonus resources not found in the blog series!
(original blog Deep POV series)

Aspiring Author Websites

free website guide
Create a professional web presence on your own with the free PDF Guide to Aspiring Author Websites—with advice from the aspiring author website series and advice from website reviews by Kathleen MacIver and me, assembled to apply more generally.

Get more out of your blog or website with Google Analytics

Install free blog tracking with The Quick Guide to Google Analytics for Bloggers. Originally written in 2007 and updated as of May 2012 with newer, easier installation procedures.

Read more about Google Analytics and tracking your blog here!

Selected other writing series

(PDF versions pending)

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