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Announcing Saints & Spies!

It’s here! After SEVEN! LONG! YEARS!, I’m finally ready to share this story, and on its actual seventh birthday, no less:


SaintsSpies_CVR_MEDWhen she finds her priest murdered, Molly Malone, secretary of their Catholic parish, vows to never let it happen again. She’ll use the full force of her Irish will, and her previous stint on the Irish police force, to protect the new priest from the congregation’s rumors of criminal activity.

Falling in love wasn’t part of her plan. However, young, handsome and — dare she even think it? — flirtatious, Father Tim O’Rourke is nothing she expected. But Father Tim is also nothing like he seems to Molly: he’s Special Agent Zach Saint, an LDS FBI agent undercover to root out the mob that’s hiding in the parish.

And Molly isn’t helping: every time Zach gets close to the mob, Molly manages to get in the way. Falling for her is the last thing he needs. Now Zach must find the murderer and catch the mobsters before his feelings for Molly blow his cover and add another murder or two to the mobsters’ docket.

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And if you buy Saints & Spies this week, your ebook will include over 80 pages of bonus features, from recipes to character profiles to deleted scenes & alternate versions!

But you MUST purchase the book by Saturday to get this exclusive content. Some of these features will NEVER be shared again!

To celebrate the release of Saints & Spies (can I say that again?!), I’m giving away a reader prize pack!


In the pack, one lucky winner will get to curl up with hot cocoa (don’t worry, I’ll ship it as powder), a reading-themed mug (I like “Reading is my super power”), ALL SIX BOOKS OF THE SPY ANOTHER DAY SERIES (Kindle or ePub format), and cozy handknit socks (women’s mediumish, ankle height, reversible, knit by yours truly!).

Okay, I’m crazy excited about these socks. The name of the yarn color is “Molly.” AND the sock pattern’s designer was actually my Irish consultant on the novel. She’s awesome! And I decided to make them ankle high, and then I remembered this scene:


Even if he could cover his gun before she found him, Zach would look really suspect—and really stupid—hiding under her desk. He tried to force himself further into the shadows. Good thing she had a deep desk, and she hadn’t bothered to switch on the lights, either.

But wouldn’t any normal person with a legitimate reason to be in their own office after hours switch on the lights first thing? Was she here for something illegal? . . .

In the silence, Molly shifted her weight from one attractive ankle to the other—he’d never realized ankles could be pretty. . . .

He waited until he was sure Molly would be gone before he returned to the parish house. As he walked through the parking lot, he took note of the maroon sedan parked across the street. But he was more worried about the owner of a pair of pretty ankles.

Okay, I love these things. And cocoa. And reading mugs. And my books. And I’m giving them to you!

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Physical prizes shipped to US addresses only. Entries must be received by October 24, 2015. No purchase necessary.

Hot cocoa photo by meg

Win a mini spy kit!

If you missed it in my last huge post, Julie Coulter Bellon and I celebrating our new releases by hosting a Facebook & Twitter party on Tuesday (tons of prizes!), and a giveaway on our blogs. In our blog giveaway, we’re giving away our books, but also some cool gifts! Julie’s offering a book lover’s basket with a handmade lap blanket, Canadian chocolate and one of my hostage books your choice!

I’m giving away the “spy-on-the-fly” kit. What’s this? It’s a kit of small things that would come in handy for spies (and also non-spies, because nobody needs junk just sitting around their house). Check it out:

spy kit

Top row, left to right:

  • Zebra print zippered bag. Always stylin’.
  • Nonslip shoe pads. Normally, these go inside your shoes, but if you put them on the bottom of the soles, you can creep around quietly!
  • Electronic cleaning cloths. Get rid of your incriminating fingerprints.
  • Dual function mini flashlight. This tiny keyring flashlight doubles as a laser pointer. If you’re really in a pinch, it could even be a laser sight for your gun. (Not really; don’t even try that; it won’t work.)

Bottom row, left to right:

  • USB drive concealment. It’s not invisible, but it’s pretty darn good: carry (hide) up to four USB drives easily!
  • Window alarm. Protect your spy lair with an alarm that sounds when your window is opened!
  • Super glue. For breaking and entering without actually breaking.

Not pictured:

  • Quick disguise kit. Give your pursuers the slip with a quick change. (The winner can specify a favorite color, and I’ll see what I can come up with

Retail value: can you put a price on your life?!

How to win

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway! Be sure to join me and Julie on Facebook & Twitter for more fun and prizes on Tuesday!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway