Guest blogging today at Six LDS Writers and a Frog

Today I’m guest blogging for the wonderful Stephanie Black (remember how I want to be her?) on Six LDS Writers and a Frog. Check out my post “Splatting Your Writing against the Wall on the submission process. And fear.

And if you’re visiting from the Frog Blog, welcome! We’re finishing up a series on deep POV this week with a guest post from the brilliant Alicia Rasley. Next week we’ll start on aspiring author website/blog reviews from me (I’m an Internet marketer in my “day” job. You know, the other day job I have aside from being a mom and writing.) and Kathleen MacIver of KatieDid Design. Feel free to jump into the discussion any- and everywhere!

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Photo by Melissa McCloud

2 thoughts on “Guest blogging today at Six LDS Writers and a Frog”

  1. Hey Jordan,
    I read your blog on Six LDS Writers and came over to see who you were. The website looks great–and I’m quite happy to discover Marketing Pilgrim.

    Also, looking at your picture I’d swear I know you. Have we met? Maybe at a Storymakers conference?

  2. Hey Rob. Happy to have you here! I was one of the minions building your grand shiply vision—just kidding. I was at Storymakers this year, but we didn’t get a chance to meet.

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