A year of Marketing Monday: Thank you!

Thank you for reading Marketing Monday this year—can you believe it’s been a year? If you see a topic in online book marketing that I’ve missed, please let me know! Otherwise, here are a few highlights of our year in Marketing Monday.

  • Marketing 101: learn the very basic principles of all marketing, especially in reference to books. What is marketing, what’s branding, how to approach your audience, what they want and more.

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  • Awesome author websites: your website should be the home base of your Internet presence. Learn more about what your awesome author website should do, be and have to help you really reach your readers.

  • Effective blog tours: Even if you don’t have a blog, blogs can still help you find readers. Learn more about effective blog tours, good blog tour management and keep your tour interesting.
  • Search Engine Optimization for authors: this is where I began in Internet marketing! Want to get more clicks from search engine users? Search engine optimization (SEO) may be the answer for you—but is it a good fit for authors?
  • Social media marketing for authors: Pinterest, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook—it’s enough to make your head spin! Find out how to use them, how authors can use them effectively, and keep your sanity!

Those are just the major topics we’ve covered this year. I have to admit, even I’m amazed at how much information this is!

As usual, I’d like to offer my marketing posts as a free PDF writing guide—but I need your help. Just tell me: would you rather see one gigantic PDF of all the marketing information, or several smaller PDFs for each topic? Come let me know!

2 thoughts on “A year of Marketing Monday: Thank you!”

  1. Maybe you could do both, so people can pick and choose particular topics, or can get the ‘omnibus’ version if they want it all 😉 Personally I’d take the big PDF, but others might be interested in more bite-sized morsels!

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