TBR Tuesday: Giveaway!

This year for Christmas, I received a copy of The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. I’m excited to dig into this resource! And you should be too—since I also have a copy of the eBook to giveaway!

I first discovered the Emotion Thesaurus when it was in blog form at The Bookshelf Muse. Last year, authors Angela and Becca published the Thesaurus. Somehow, I got lucky enough to also win a copy in the drawing and Angela has been kind enough to allow me to give it away here!

More about The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression:

One of the biggest problem areas for writers is conveying a character’s emotions to the reader in a unique, compelling way. This book comes to the rescue by highlighting 75 emotions and listing the possible body language cues, thoughts, and visceral responses for each. Written in an easy-to-navigate list format, readers can draw inspiration from character cues that range in intensity to match any emotional moment. The Emotion Thesaurus also tackles common emotion-related writing problems and provides methods to overcome them. This writing tool encourages writers to show, not tell emotion and is a creative brainstorming resource for any fiction project.

I know I’ll be using this a lot, especially when I’m fixing my gesture crutches.

How to win!

Entering the give away is pretty easy. You must leave a comment on this blog post AND fill out the Rafflecopter form to enter. You can also get additional entries by liking my page on Facebook, following me on Twitter, and/or Tweeting about this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One copy will be given away. Entries must be in by midnight EST, January 20, 2013. Winner to be drawn from Rafflecopter entries at random, announced Tuesday, January 21, 2013, and notified via post on this blog—so be sure to check back here!. EBook available in any of the following formats: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, PDF.

Remember, to enter you must use the Rafflecopter form and leave a comment! How would you use The Emotion Thesaurus? What do you want to accomplish in 2013? What do you do when you get stuck? What would you like to learn this year?

21 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday: Giveaway!”

  1. I’ve never heard of an emotion thesaurus, but I’d love to check it out. I think we could all benefit from a copy. Thanks for telling me about it! Very cool.

  2. YAYYYYY for giveaways… I’ve seen lots of lovely buzz about this one, and have been wanting it for a while! 😀 Thanks for hosting a giveaway! (And to Angela and Becca for giving one up!)


  3. This book sounds awesome, I’ve seen the blog posts of the thesaurus, a whole book would be great!

  4. Their website is great. I’ve used the Emotion Amplifiers resource and would love to win The Emotion Thesaurus to expand my character’s gestures, expressions, mindless tics, etc. Thank you so much!

  5. I have a really awesome Sarcasm Thesaurus. When I get stuck, I read through it until I find something totally outrageous for my characters to say or feel, then go with it. =) I would love to get the Emotion Thesaurus and see if it would work like that too. Thanks!

  6. This would be an invaluable tool for me. I’m forever trying to figure out how to convey my characters’ feelings. I can see them in my mind’s eye, but somehow, it doesn’t appear on paper how I would like it.

  7. I would love to have an emotion thesaurus. My critique group would love it if I had one, too, so they wouldn’t have to bring up the fact all the time that all my teenagers seem to know how to do is roll their eyes. 😀

  8. I LOVE this resource! I often check on the website for help with physical traits for my writing. Thanks for the chance to own the whole book!

  9. I was actually just referred to this in a critique someone did for me… I had thought momentarily that it was a snarky comment (I was getting a few pointedly snarky comments in this critique) but I’m a little relieved (and intrigued!) to know that it’s real!

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