LDStorymakers Writers’ Conference 2013

I think I’ve forgotten to share this here (though I’ve mentioned it a couple times on my email newsletter), but I’m presenting at the LDStorymakers Conference May 10 and 11!


My class will be in the advanced craft track, on Character arcs:

All Dressed up with Nowhere to Grow: Character Arcs in Fiction

You can have the greatest plot in the world but for a character to truly resonate with readers, s/he should change and grow over the course of the story. This workshop will explore the ins and outs of discovering and showing your characters’ growth from beginning to end. Developing your characters’ internal journey will give you more powerful characters—and more powerful fiction.

There will also be some awesome agents, editors and authors there—including a keynote address by NYT best-selling author Anne Perry. There will be keynote-only tickets as well.

For attendees, there’s also a Show Your Love contest—mention the conference and the contest on your blog for a chance to win some fun prizes, including VIP seats at dinner with those editors and agents.

This will be my 5th Storymakers Conference. If you’ve never been to a writers’ conference, let me tell you: the opportunity just to socialize with people who really get you and what it means to be a writer is worth it (especially since Storymakers is really affordable for a full writers’ conference!). The connections I’ve made from this conference are absolutely invaluable—I have literally hundreds of friends because I’ve attended this conference. And not in a misusing-the-word-literally way, either.

So if you’ll be in town, go! And especially to my class. I mean Anne Perry’s keynote. I mean—yeah.

How have you benefited from writers’ conferences? Come share!

One thought on “LDStorymakers Writers’ Conference 2013”

  1. I’m really excited about LDStorymakers Conference 2013! I’ve attended 2 previous ones, and 2 other conferences in Texas. Hands down my favorites were Storymakers. Cheaper is always a winner, but the economy did not diminish quality! Storymakers was very organized, and had a plethora of exciting workshops. I’m a huge fan of Publication Primer, Get out of the Slush Pile workshop, and the tempting 1st Place prize of a Get out of the Slush Pile Free with the big LDS publishers. Must give a plug for Sara Eden being our MC. She kept everyone laughing and I hope she’s doing it again this year–no pressure, right?

    Jordan, I’m looking forward to attending your class, I know it will be worth it! Thanks for all the effort you put into helping others!

    Take care!

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